Laser/ Light Therapy/ Ultrasound Biofeedback


Laser is a relatively new method of treatment in the United States but has been used successfully in Canada and Europe for over 30 years. Low-Level Laser Light (LLLT) increases local blood circulation allowing non-invasive stimulation of the body’s natural healing processes for a conservative treatment to avoid surgery.

Scientific studies have shown laser to be a precise, safe, and effective method of treating a wide variety of conditions including;

  •  Decrease inflammation from tendinitis
  •  Relief of minor muscle and joint aches , pains and stiffness
  •  Increased local blood circulation
  •  Muscle relaxation and muscle spasm relief
  •  Decrease arthritic joint pain

Light Therapy 

Light therapy triggers the formation of new blood vessels, acceleration of blood flow, cell proliferation, cell migration, and increased synthesis and maturation of collagen to restore tissues back to normal state.

  • Infrared light: tissue repair; superficial and deep, pain reduction, resolution of inflammation, reduction of edema
  • Red light: resolution of inflammation, reduction of edema, pain relief, superficial tissue repair
  • Blue light: bacterial and fungicidal effects


Micro current Point Stimulation

Micro current Point Stimulation (MPS) therapy is use of low frequency DC micro current to acupuncture and trigger points. MPS boosts ATP production in cells to restore tissue healing. It improves muscle contraction and nerves transmission as well as promote cell cellular membrane transport. MPS reduces pain by stimulating the brain and spinal cord to produce natural pain relieving chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin that promote sleep and well-being allowing longer lasting pain relief. MPS improves circulation, relaxes muscles releases melatonin to improve sleep patterns and overall reduces the autonomic nervous system allowing immediate long lasting pain relief.

MPS can also be used for scaring and adhesion treatment. It is applied to each side of a visible scar and gently transfers DC micro current deep into the tissue of the skin. When the micro current enters our body, it helps electrically “repolarize,” or release, the thickened scar tissue, as well as release fascia and muscles impinged by the scarring. Circulation is also increased, which, in turn, helps the lymphatic system remove dead cells from the body and encourages blood flow and healing to the area. All of this helps return mobility, improve appearance, and decrease pain both at the site of the scar and anywhere else in the body that scar may be affecting.

Ultrasound Biofeedback 

We use a diagnostic ultrasound to look at contractility of a muscle and muscle activation. This is further used as neuromuscular biofeedback for core and pelvic floor strengthening as the patient can see the screen to know if contracting the right muscle.

Physical therapists can monitor muscle contraction of the pelvic floor and use verbal or tactile cues with visual feedback to help one learn to activate and strengthen the correct muscles to stabilize and strength in the pelvic floor. A muscle that is hypertonic (constricted) or hypotonic (weak) can be identified visually making rehabilitation more effective in training the pelvic floor.