Custom Orthotics

Performance Therapy offers custom molded inserts to keep you aligned from the ground up. Whether you are experiencing foot, knee or low back pain, custom inserts can be very beneficial in biomechanically aligning your entire lower extremity and reducing pain and excessive wear to your joints.

Our physical therapist has over 20 years experience with building custom inserts with EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) and fitting to your running shoe, soccer cleat, ski boot or casual wear shoes. Most insurances with physical therapy benefits cover a large percentage of the cost of the inserts and they are built within days in the clinic.

Performance therapy offers custom bracing through DonJoy Ortho and Breg. If you need post- op ,or conservative support of ACL, PCL, MCL/LCL or an osteoarthritis brace to offload med or lat joint line, our therapist can order the brace that is right for you.

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