Performance Therapy

  We are the premier Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Center in Idaho Falls, ID.
We provide our clients with state of the art rehabilitation and therapy knowledge, techniques and equipment in Idaho Falls, ID. We are conveniently located and have years of experience helping people just like you.


Idaho’s First and ONLY provider for this state of the art technology that uses

bio-electric magnet therapy to improve neuromuscular function!

Orthopedics is rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries either conservatively or post operatively.

80% of the population will suffer low back pain at some time in their life.

Having a good understanding of sports rehabilitation means breaking down the biomechanics of the sport.

Women’s Health encompasses a wide range of diagnoses.

Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy Center in Idaho Falls


We are committed to treating your condition and relieving your pain. We do this by creating customized physical therapy programs for each one of our clients that cater to their specific situations. Our physical therapists are very knowledgeable and are focused on providing a superior and unique experience.

  • We treat athletes of all ages
  • We have state of the art rehabilitation equipment
  • Our warm and inviting facility allows you to be comfortable

During a consultation with one of our physical therapists we will help you further understand your condition and how to best treat it.